Why Conserve Water?
It Makes Sense!

Using less water helps you save money and it helps protect our most critical water sources: Lake Travis and Lake Buchanan. Your good water conservation habits help Cedar Park get through frequent drought conditions. Your community and your neighbors are depending on you and all of us to do our part.

An area of Lake Travis during a severe drought in 2013
An area of Lake Travis as of August 4, 2023

Why Preserving Our Lake Levels is Important

It supplies Our Drinking Water
Most of our water supply comes from Lake Travis. Although there is usually enough water to meet the basic needs of our residents, being wasteful of this precious resource unnecessarily decreases lake levels.

We Use It to Fight Fires
The water we use for our daily activities is the same water used for public safety and property protection. Being mindful of our water usage today ensures this vital resource when we need it most.

It’s Great for Recreation
Whether you enjoy swimming, jet-skiing, boating, or a nice dinner beside the water, the lake is a major source of fun and relaxation for residents and visitors alike. Conserve it, so you and future generations can enjoy it.

More Reasons
to Conserve Water

It Makes Financial Sense
Conservation can lower monthly utility bills and save tax dollars by delaying or preventing the need to build expensive new water treatment plants.

Frequent Droughts
A drought is a long period of little to no precipitation that leads to a water shortage and Central Texas has dealt with several droughts in the past decades. 2022 was the 11th driest year in the past 128 years and the worst drought since 2011. 

Our Population is Growing
Texas’ population is projected to nearly double by 2060, with Central Texas growing even more rapidly. Population of the five-county Austin region (Bastrop, Caldwell, Hays, Travis and Williamson) continues to boom. Our limited water resources will have to meet the needs of more people every year.